our calling

Patricia and Ana met in Switzerland around a MLM project that, at that time, seemed like a great idea in the new world energies. Because both of them are light workers souls and aim at a better and gentler world. The project happened to be a false good idea, the money involved was wasted and lost in power games. A bit bitter at this failure, they walked on without having really got acquainted to each other. 


Patricia went through some more hindrance for life lessons purpose while Ana met Love. She married him and left for U.K. where the home of the love was. Ana is of Spanish DNA, she loves sunshine and joy and laughs, no need to say that she had a bit of hardship adjusting to England’s way of life and weather. 


How and when exactly those girls met again on Skype is fuzzy and not relevant, suffice to say that they both found comfort in talking and sharing at this time of their lives.


That winter of 2014 came after a cloudy and chilly British summer and Ana was seriously lacking sunshine and light, her mood was ominously dropping while Patricia had a hard time recovering from a divorce and a long period of financial lack. It was not just a down moment like after rain comes sunshine, it was a little bit more serious like what’s the meaning of life and WTF am I doing here? Both already engaged on a spiritual path, nobody was worried about those two committing something as extreme as suicide, but isn’t it even more difficult that way? Knowing that death would not even stop the pain? 

The hole

So there they were, trying to find a way to come out of «the hole» as they both called it and where they were starting to be tired to be in. That day, Patricia was a bit upper in energy and she coached Ana into using her creativity to do something satisfying each day of her life for the next hundred days. For a while now, Ana and her love were also going through a financial lack after a change of professional life. In her struggle to find a way to make money, Ana had collected pebbles and painted them. Nice work that had a bit of success but of course, never enough to pay the bills. Patricia suggested that she went back to it, just for the fun and in order to go to sleep at night with at least one positive achievement registered for the day. Having given the good lesson, she gave herself the same challenge and decided to write a blog article a day about her ideal life, to refine the dream and call it into reality.


If they had only known!…


100 days challenge

Ana was sending a daily picture to Patricia with her achievement of the day. Cute pebbles with nice and joyful colors. A sight for sore eyes that filled the heart. One day, she drew a mandala on the pebble. With practice, the paintings were more and more beautiful.


Patricia really enjoyed the sight of these everyday creations and she started feeling like doing the same. Ana started to draw bigger mandalas on sheets of paper. She bought more crayons and more colors, she couldn’t stop.


There was a very peculiar energy emanating from them. Her state of mind seemed to be inserted in the creation, gracefully reflecting the nice moment of peace and harmony in which they were born.


There. Atmandala was born.


Atman  is a Sanskrit word that means inner self or soul. In Hindu philosophy, it is the first principle, the essence of an individual. In order to attain liberation, a human being must acquire self-knowledge (atma jnana). It is this sacred place that Ana learned to reach to get her inspiration and channel it into her creation.


Patricia was vibrating more and more and one day, she grabbed a paper and started drawing, very confident that she «could do the same». Well… no. First tentative was missed, she was unable to draw the center. — What? Any particular reason? Mh… — Never mind the center, she started with the exterior. After all, a mandala is just a round design...


Oh boy! How revealing. 

The fountain pen

She thought it was because of the crayons, so she tried brushes with paint. Not the good brushes, so off she went and buy new ones. Nope! Still nothing but doodles and scribbles. She should maybe try other tools or go back to oil painting technique she learned decades ago, or…. Stop! There she realized that it’s never the tools’ fault, always the artisan’s. She kept trying with simple tools until she glimpsed at her Mont Blanc fountain pen.


This fountain pen has a story of its own that is told here below, while keeping in mind that all this time, Ana kept creating daily mandalas, being entailed by a creative wheel instilling more and more positive energy in her life, at last gloriously dragged out of the whole.Patricia was working as an independent e-books editor. Interesting activity but not very lucrative. One of the authors, especially happy with her job, had offered her this luxury fountain pen that she considered as a precious piece of jewelry both because of the price of the gift and the beautiful gesture from the author. Don’t you have some objects that you consider out of your reach? Like you will never get it in this life, it’s too precious, too luxurious… A Mont Blanc fountain pen was this in Patricia’s mind. She had put it in a special box and place on her desktop but almost never used it, as handwriting, nowadays, is replaced by the computer keyboard. 


So, she grabbed the fountain pen. «Of course, I have to draw with my precious Mont Blanc fountain pen» she thought as she started drawing lines and… words came naturally. «Of course, I have to draw WORDS with my precious Mont Blanc fountain pen» popped to her mind.


There. Mantradalas were born.

Mandalas with mantras.


Those mantras conveys all Patricia’s wisdom that she likes to share. She had done so in a couple of novels that she wrote, but she realized in this moment that mantras in beautiful mandalas were more fulfilling for her, touching people visually and not mentally anymore. That’s what she was aiming to all her life.


Big energy emanated right away from her first drawings that she shared with Ana whose designs, by the way, were evolving towards masterpieces. From there, they both thrived in the mandala creation long after the hundred days were past. Poof! they put their creations online for sharing and fun purpose. Poof! people liked it, they even wanted their personal ones. Life was much better then, after a year back on the solid ground of happy country. What a nice progress for both of them!


One day both friends were on Skype, sharing screen about Patricia’s endless struggle with her centers when she dragged one of Ana’s mandalas on top of the unsatisfactory center.


— Woah! they both said in awe.


There. The first Patana was born.


Several sensitive people stated that if both creations are beautiful on their own, when gathered, there is an acceleration and the creation of a third energy containing the two initial ones.


This alchemy engenders the Patana effect that makes you feel good. It contains the whole history of both creators getting out of the ditch thanks to creativity, carrying the message of how to grow from dark to light, thriving and blossoming towards the best version of yourself and the way to find complete happiness and harmony.


Patana mandalas are not just beautiful designs, they are tools for a better life.




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a calling

We are now very clear about what we want to do in life: keep creating Patana ligne graphique mandalas as the inspiration is abundant. We would love to see our designs on clothes, bags, drapes, bed sheets, etc. We have a gazillions of ideas to exploit them and we are looking for the person(s) helping us to do so, considering the fact that we would only be the creative part of the project.


We are calling for :


— a conscious marketing person to contact fabricants.

— a conscious financial person to deal with prices and money.

— a conscious accounting person to keep the ledger.

— a conscious law person to deal with trademarks and copyrights.


This could be one or several people, each expert in his field. The remuneration would be a percentage of the sales. 

what is a conscious person?

It’s a person who has reached personal mastery, who is aware of life’s preciosity and the greater good. It’s somebody who knows where stands his ego and deals with it without using others to do so. It’s a decent human being who can be trusted and who is trusting.

interested ?




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Patana joint venture is already an eco-friendly project with high ethic standard, this is why it’s crucial that every product with our brand can be certified so. No children at work on the production chain, no planet pollution at any level, no useless intermediates, etc.