Patana, ligne graphique, is the gathering of two artistic potentials, that of Ana Bozic and Patricia Eberlin. Pat & Ana... The former is in love with words and writing, she traces them inside a mandala; the latter draws while letting herself be inspired by sacred art.


Both were expressing their creativity each on their side, while sharing about their works, being each other’s first critic.


Once, they were on a distant discussion in screen sharing about the center of a mandala that Patricia did not like. In an impulse, her mouse dragged one of Ana’s mandalas and positioned it in the center of her design. 

— Woah! they said in chorus.


The alchemy of both their drawings produces the Patana magic effect that does you good. If each mandala is a complete achievement in itself, once gathered, is a third piece of work that radiates both vibrations, giving birth to a third even more powerful energy.


Thrilled by the result, Ana and Patricia quickly visualised their joint production on larger scale, thus they put their production for sale to fabric, clothing, bags, curtains and linens fabricants. 


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